My Time of Shakespeare


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20130203_105736_0My father owned this edition of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and it passed down to me. I don’t recall the circumstances under which I came to own this book but I do know that it has glistened with its gold-leaf lettering and rustic brown binding on my bookshelf providing me a sort of peace.

As a literature major at Saint John’s University, I chose to study Shakespeare for a semester but, like other times when natural passions suffer submeission to official tutelage, I squandered the opportunity to apply myself fully into Shakespeare’s genius. Even now, I have trouble referring to his “genius”. I should say I have an inherent disinclination toward all things one ought to glorify. If the world crowns Babe Ruth as the greatest in baseball history, I argue for Ted Williams.

However, like so many other things, I have reluctantly disengaged myself from my own pompous rebellion to search for the man, as I dabble here and there, deserving of the affections. Call me hard-headed or obstinate, thick-skinned, a late bloomer, one who won’t acknowledge how that official tutelage has finally emerged from my subconscious into my waking mind, but I grow because of that emergence in my own perfect timing.

20130203_105819Therefore, I begin. Through this year, and carrying into future ones, I pledge to study one play in between novels. I will read plays I have already read, delve into plays which have intimidated me and endure the plays which I had found ridiculous. I entitle this series of study “My Time of Shakespeare” and it will include essays of my own thoughts and reactions after reading, watching or discussing the plays. I have included my most recent reading of King Lear into this series even though I finished it prior to its conception. Unfortunately, I have yet to disengage myself from my pompous rebellion against the sonnets, or poetry in general for that matter, so the plays shall remain my sole focus. I have outgrown my bias against him, my excuses to avoid taking him seriously because so many others already do. After all, such an attitude coupled with a literary passion void of Shakespeare’s influence only serves to hinder my intellectual growth and bolster my arrogant pride

The First Tetralogy

The Second Tetralogy



One response to “My Time of Shakespeare

  1. Zia Vanger

    October 29, 2013 at 1:47 am

    Hello ‘benreadsalot’, this has to be the most innovative name I’ve come across so far 🙂


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